From Stage to Olympics: The Amazing Evolution of Trampolines

Trampolines were originally invented to help train astronauts during the 1930s and also in sports like gymnastics. But as time progressed, trampolines became a stand-alone activity owing to its fun-factor. Some took this fun activity more seriously and managed to make amazing acrobatics while on mid-air. This gave rise to professional trampolinists.

For many years, trampolinists have long been part of circus and acrobat shows. More than their outlandish costumes (which they don’t need after all), trampolinists showcase their gravity- and death-defying stunts that truly make the audience gawk in awe. But it’s not only in circus where you can see trampoline stunts.

In 2000, trampoline made its debut in the Summer Olympics. We have seen some of the best trampolinists from around the world troop to the Olympic stage and bounce for gold.

These professional athletes hit up to eight meters as they somersault and twist their way through complicated stunts and routines – all to impress the crowd and the judges. In the past years, we’ve seen the Chinese besting other nationalities. But there have also been impressive performances from Australians and the Americans.

The debut of trampoline in the world athletic stage has definitely boosted its popularity and acceptability. In the past, people think that trampolines are just for kids and drunken adults. But that’s not the case anymore.

Trampoline has effectively metamorphosed and reinvented itself into a sport and fitness craze in many parts of the globe. Trampolines for adults have become a fitness fad that is now widely accepted. There are many fitness enthusiasts who are now embracing trampolines as a way to shed off excess calories. Fitness experts have spoken about the numerous health benefits people can get from working out with trampolines.

Given this wide popularity, trampolining has been officially accepted into the roster of sports staged in the Olympics. When talking about Olympic-grade trampoline competitions, we’re not talking about the usual childhood trampoline competitions that you and your friends might have enjoyed playing in the backyard. Olympic trampoline stunts are way, way above this level. In the Olympic trampoline, the athletes perform acrobatic stunts while jumping on a trampoline – that’s obviously a lot more impressive than what an 8-year-old does. You can take a look at how these adult trampolines look like here at

Quite surprisingly, there are actually many trampolining competitions that are staged on a regular basis, even before the Olympics. Although only two trampoline events that are staged in the Olympics – the men’s and the women’s competition – other more exciting competitions like double mini-trampoline and synchronized trampolining are held regularly in different parts of the world.

Trampoline may be a newcomer in the OIympics and is still seen as an oddball sport but it is gaining much popularity. Since the 2000 Summer Olympics, trampolining is just on its fifth year. Though it may still take several years for it to be considered a world-class, crowd-drawing act, I’m pretty sure it’s heading towards that path. Just take a look at the trampolinists perform amazing stunts on mid-air, you can’t help but be awed.