Most Energetic Dances in the World

Most Energetic Dances in the WorldPerhaps the title here is a bit misleading. A better name for this little list might be, “The Best Dances in the World for Burning Energy,” or something similar to that. That’s because each of these five dances are guaranteed to make you work up a sweat, even if you’re fit as a fiddle and in excellent shape. That’s because they’re filled with wild, exaggerated movements, acrobatics and other feats of elegance and poise. Some are sure to disagree, but here are our most energetic dances in the world.


Zumba dancing is like a slightly better choreographed version of Crossfit. If you’ve never heard of either, the point of both is to activate as many muscle groups throughout your body over a short period of time, making you “feel the burn” from your head down to your toes. Unlike Crossfit, Zumba at least comes with decent music that makes participants more willing to get up and get down, working their arms, legs and core all at once. It’s easy to burn 500+ calories over an hour if you can keep up.


You will doubtless find us advocating the benefits of Salsa dancing across the breadth of our website, and that’s mostly because this is a fast-paced dance that practically anyone can perform. Salsa is sensual and sexy, but more important than that, it’s a highly energetic dance that is guaranteed to get your body moving and get your heart pumping harder. All of the swaying and dipping could be a problem if you have a bad back or a poor sense of balance, so don’t just jump into Salsa.


While the previous two dances are excellent for working the entire body, the Brazilian Samba dance puts a much stronger emphasis on the legs. Specifically, most of your upper body will be straight while you work your legs, lifting a single knee at a time and really working your calves, thighs and core, including those hard to hit abs. Because there’s less movement, Samba tends to burn fewer calories, but it’s still an energetic and flashy dance that’s fun to watch.


While it does take two to tango, we would be remiss if we didn’t post at least one couple’s dance on our little list. The benefits here are easy to see – you and a partner can both encourage each other to keep going when one or the other would rather quit. Dancing Tango is kind of like going to the gym with a friend, since you get a sort of support system to fall back on. The dance is fast and furious too, and sure to make you sweat.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dancing, also known as breakdancing, is probably the most intense out of all five dances listed here. That said, this is definitely the wrong place to start if you’re just beginning to dance and don’t have a lot of experience or fluidity of movement. This type of dancing comes with a very real possibility of injuring yourself, but there are few dances in the world more energetic than this one.