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Importance of High Quality Studio Lighting for Great Dancing Experience

Importance of High Quality Studio Lighting for Great Dancing Experience

It might not seem very important, but the right kind of lighting can really make or break a dance performance. Dim the lights down too dark and nobody will be able to see the dancers on the stage; turn them up too bright those same dancers will be falling out after cooking under hot lights for a while. Studio quality lighting needs to be bright enough that everything is visible, but not so bright that is disorients or dehydrates the people performing. Believe it or not, there’s actually an easy solution for this issue that will provide studio quality lighting for less than you might expect.

We’re talking about LEDs, and specifically LED light bars, like those you can see at if you’re curious. These light strips are easy to install, easy to uninstall and move to another location, and a great energy efficient option on top of everything else. Plus, LEDs come in all kinds of wattages, so you can get mellow light if that’s what you prefer, or garishly bright light if that’s what’s called for by your specific venue. More advanced systems come with dimmer switches built in which you can use to make them brighter or darker too.

If your only experience with LEDs is bars loaded with those little dots that light up, then you don’t know just how many different kinds of LED lights exist today. You can see some examples for yourself if you’re really interested in checking out high quality light bars, but take our word for it – LED lights are some of the cheapest, most efficient and longest-lived lights that money can buy right now. The mobility is really the best part of all though. Because they’re so easy to move, LED strips can be set on one stage, then taken down to be used elsewhere, and this process can be repeated ad nauseam.

That mobility also means you can set up LED lights in places where other fixtures just wouldn’t fit. It’s easy to do away with bulky spotlights as well as most other kinds of large, unwieldy stage lighting, or at least it’s easy to do that when such a simple alternative exists. Even when dancers and other performers among us go out to put on a show, the people out of sight who are running the stage keep spare lighting as a backup in case the normal lights fail. LED lights shine at this time.

But maybe some of you have had better experiences with other kinds of lighting. We would love to hear from our readers about what it’s like being under a hot light. It’s something only stage people really know about, unless you’re talking about working out in the sun on a hot day. It could be comparable to that. There are many other stressors that affect the people who entertain us all and we will talk about some of them down the line as well. For now, try to stay cool as the weather heats up towards summer.