6 Most Famous Circus Groups in the World

6-most-famous-circus-groups-in-the-worldThere are many different forms of entertainment and the world’s best circuses know exactly what the audience wants to see. Fantastic magic tricks, amazing acrobatics, and performers of various kinds are what make the modern circus. Gone are the days when the audience finds amusement in human freaks and animal tamers. Today famous circuses stray away from these clichés and showcases real acts.

Playing with light, water, fire, and aerodynamics have been a significant part in creating the magical atmosphere of the entire circus. The best circuses focus on extraordinary humans with unbelievable talents and choreographing these different acts into one full show.

To complete the performers’ showmanship, circuses bring with them their specialized stage – equipped with lighting, sound, machines, and other stunt equipment. Since setting the stage up requires considerable preparation and time, international touring circuses send their stuff through a groupage cargo service long before their play dates. The stage provides a stunning backdrop for the entire show.

Thinking of watching a circus show? Check out these six most famous circuses that focus on extraordinary humans and their unusual talents.

  1. Cirque du Soleil

Without a doubt, the Cirque du Soleil is the world’s top circus company. It has toured across the world to jam-packed audience. The circus showcases amazing movement and creativity. Every show has a story that is built around a foundation of eight principles, including grace, dexterity, dance, acrobatics, and imaginary worlds. Throughout the show, you’ll be taken to a whole new world of imagination, magic and intense human performances. Their performances have also been filmed and screened in DVDs and in theaters reaping great reviews.

  1. Circus Vargas

Known for its traditional big top tent, the Circus Vargas mainly tours the west coast of the United States. The circus company began amusing audiences in the 1960s. They showcase traditional vintage acts and traditional costumes – and also the one-ring floor stage. Originally under the helm of the Vargas family, the management of the circus was taken over by the Tabares family since 2005.

  1. The 7 Fingers

The 7 Fingers was founded in 2002 in Montreal. It is a creative collective of local performance artists. The project integrates music, cinema, visual arts, theater and dance, which quickly gained popularity. The performance group initially toured Canada but soon caught international attention. They have since performed for the Queen in the Royal Variety Performances and at the Olympic ceremonies.

  1. Flying Fruit Fly Circus

This circus centers on child performers that have peculiar talents and physical abilities. This Australian circus company has been training young performers how to take an audience into the magical world of acrobatics and showmanship.

  1. New Shanghai Circus

Giving an oriental touch into the western idea of circus, the New Shanghai showcases a reinterpretation of ethnic Chinese dances and integrates them with amazing costumes, set designs and state of the art technology. The combination of skills, talents, music, and aesthetics definitely will take you to a different, magical realm.

  1. Swamp Circus

The Swamp Circus first awed its audiences in 1986 in Sheffield. It has staged numerous performances and is definitely included in this list. The circus is known to have some of the best trapeze artists in England, and a wide variety of performers including jugglers, unicyclers, mime artists, stilt walkers, living statues, musicians, and other traditional circus acts. The Swamp Circus is an audience favorite not only because of its amazing performances but also because of its advocacy for improving health awareness and ecological living.